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The Academy at Charlemont

The Academy at Charlemont makes a classical, academic education available to children from the towns of Western Massachusetts and to a small number of boarding students from other countries and areas of the United States. Our traditional curriculum also includes the study of cultures and ideas outside mainstream Western history and society. We believe that the members of a free society should share a body of basic knowledge that both enables individuals to grow and flourish and equips them to contribute to the well-being of the larger group. To that end, we emphasize clear, original thinking that is expressed with precision, clarity, and grace. We believe that much is lost when this body of basic knowledge is divided into discrete disciplines; we strive to show the connections among peoples, places, and areas of inquiry through inter-disciplinary teaching and learning.

The Academy has chosen to be small. We believe that our small size provides the best environment for students and their teachers to work together, that an informal, family atmosphere best nurtures their academic, emotional, and social growth. In this climate each of us remains more aware of the personal responsibility for the welfare of our community, and each is encouraged to be involved in maintaining it. This community is founded on the values of self-reliance, industry, integrity, and compassion; those values are reflected most clearly in the Honor Code and are nurtured through our system of self-government.

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The Academy at Charlemont
School Location
Address The Mohawk Trail
Charlemont, MA 01339
County Franklin
Contact Information
Administrator Dianne Grinnell
Director of Admissions
Phone 413-339-4912
Fax 413-339-4324
School Information
Grade Levels Middle School
High School
Specific Grades Supported Grade 7- Grade 12
Total Enrollment 83
Student / Teacher Ratio 7:1
Gender Coed
School Type Nonsectarian
Other Programs