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Becket School

Private Schools in New Hampshire are regulated by the New Hampshire Department of Education, and must meet minimum standards as specified in the New Hampshire Code of Administrative Rules Chapter ED 400. There are currently 289 private schools in New Hampshire.

A school must meet two requirements to be defined as a private school in New Hampshire. An individual or group not associated with the state must establish the private school, and officials who have not been publicly elected or appointed must conduct the schools operations.

Private schools who apply for approval in New Hampshire must write a letter of intent stating the private schools educational purpose, objectives and beliefs. A copy of the curriculum for the private school must also be provided.

Becket School
School Location
Address P.O. Box 101
Haverhill, NH 3765
County Grafton
Contact Information
Phone 603-989-5862
School Information
Grade Levels Middle School
High School
Specific Grades Supported Grade 7 - Grade 12
Total Enrollment 36
Student / Teacher Ratio 3.27:1
Gender All-male
School Type Nonsectarian
Special Needs
Other Programs