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West Side Montessori School

The mission of WSMS is to be a school that reflects the rich cultural, ethnic and economic diversity of our neighborhood; a school that actively involves families in their children's educational life; a school that embodies the best practices that have evolved in Montessori education over the past 90 years; and a school that is deeply committed to better understanding what education for young children is about and to sharing these emerging understandings with parents and the broader educational and social service communities. It is these commitments to celebrating diversity, to a family-centered institution, to Montessori principles, and to furthering an understanding of how young children learn that best describe the essence of WSMS. We strive to build a warm, welcoming community in which children and adults find friendship and support, a place where adults and children are encouraged to ask questions and broaden their understandings of themselves, others and the world. We have created various structures to further the development of each child's and adult's full range of abilities and talents. We are committed to developing physical, social and intellectual competencies. We want our students to grow into autonomous, caring, responsive and responsible citizens  life-long learners and problem solvers. To this end we emphasize respect, competency, self-initiative, responsibility, self-management, and the ability to view experiences from different perspectivesin every aspect of our interactions with children and adults. We are committed to maintaining our position as a model urban early childhood program. We are also committed to being a school that helps prepare future teachers through our on-site weekend Montessori teacher preparation program (WSMS-TEP) and through our vigorous student teaching program.

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West Side Montessori School
School Location
Address 309 West 92 Street
New York, NY 10025-7213
Contact Information
Administrator Mimi Basso
Head Of School
Phone 212-662-8000
Fax 212-662-8323
School Information
Grade Levels Preschool
Specific Grades Supported Pre-K, K
Total Enrollment 200
Student / Teacher Ratio 6.67:1
Gender Coed
School Type Montessori
Annual Tuition $15,204 - $23,704
Other Programs