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Oldfields School

Oldfields School, Maryland's oldest girls' boarding school, is situated on more than 200 acres in Baltimore County. Anna Austen McCulloch founded the school in 1867, when she and her family moved into an old farmhouse on her brother's land in Glencoe, Maryland. Built in the 1700s, the modest clapboard home still stands as the oldest building at Oldfields and is affectionately known as "Old House." Mrs. McCulloch educated the younger members of her family and a few local children in her home. The lessons she taught created the foundation for the philosophy and tradition that Oldfields embraces today

Mission & Motto Oldfields School is committed to the intellectual and moral development of young women. In a culture of kindness and mutual respect, we encourage each student to make the most of her academic and personal potential. We seek to guide each student to grow in character, confidence, and knowledge by encouraging her to embrace the values of personal honesty, intellectual curiosity, and social responsibility. Our motto - Fortezza, Umilitade, e Largo Core - Courage, Humility, and Largeness of Heart, are the core values and beliefs that define our school culture.

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Oldfields School
School Location
Address 1500 Glencoe Rd
Glencoe, MD 21152
County Baltimore
Contact Information
Administrator Dr. Parnell Hagerman
Director of Admissions
Phone 410-472-4800
Fax 410-472-6839
School Information
Grade Levels Middle School
High School
Specific Grades Supported Grade 8 - Grade 12
Total Enrollment 188
Student / Teacher Ratio 4:1
Gender All-female
School Type Nonsectarian
Other Programs