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Middlesex School

Middlesex School is an independent, non-denominational, residential, college-preparatory school that, for over one hundred years, has been committed to excellence in the intellectual, ethical, creative, and physical development of young people. We honor the ideal, articulated by our founding Headmaster, of finding the promise in every student, and we work together in an atmosphere of mutual trust and shared responsibility to help students bring their talents to fruition as knowledgeable, capable, responsible and moral citizens of the world. As a community, we respect the individual interests, strengths, and needs of each student. We also value the rich diversity of belief and experience each of us brings to the School.

We expect that each student will bring his or her best efforts to the shared endeavor of learning and that the School, through its faculty, will engage and encourage each students growth, happiness, and well-being. We aspire for all Middlesex students to develop personal integrity, intellectual vitality and discipline, and respect for themselves and for others. We expect each student to engage energetically and cooperatively in the life of the School, and we seek to inspire in all students the desire to seek understanding of themselves and the larger world, both now and in their futures.

Operating Principles

Accomplishing this mission is the shared responsibility of the whole Middlesex community. For that reason the School expects, of all its students, dedication to academic excellence, willingness to work energetically and cooperatively toward common goals in all activities, respect both for themselves and for the individual differences of others, and determination to reach beyond merely comfortable limits of knowledge and experience.

In the same spirit the School provides students with small classes and a strong, rich, varied curriculum; with a talented, dedicated, and accessible faculty, most of whom teach, coach, and live on campus with the students; with outstanding facilities for academics, athletics, and the arts; and with a social community whose members represent different backgrounds and interests. Taken together, these elements  supplemented by advising, counseling, school assemblies and special programs, weekly chapel gatherings, informal courses and peer support groups  make up a secondary school experience remarkable for its breadth and depth.

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Middlesex School
School Location
Address 1400 Lowell Rd
PO Box 9122
Concord, MA 01742
County Middlesex
Contact Information
Administrator Douglas Price
Director of Admissions
Phone 978-371-6524
Fax 978-371-6939
School Information
Grade Levels High School
Specific Grades Supported Grade 9 - 12
Total Enrollment 350
Student / Teacher Ratio 6:1
Gender Coed
School Type Nonsectarian
Annual Tuition $42,820 - $42,820
Other Programs