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After completing the online medical history, the customer would be given a prescription that would allow the purchase to be completed. Antibiotics serve a useful therapeutic purpose in treating and controlling the effects of infectious agents. Previous research suggests that a patient's past experience of care seeking and treatment use influences future expectations for treatment of respiratory tract infections. The purpose of this study was to examine antibiotics available to patients without a prescription, a phenomenon on the Internet. The extent to which antibiotics are available for over-the-counter purchases over the Internet is unknown. That these companies can be located in countries outside US jurisdictions complicates enforcement of US laws. We therefore wanted to find out if the amount of time between online evaluation and getting treatment was significantly longer. In our analysis of evidence of the concept of buying 6 tablets of azithromycin, 500 mg each. For this second group, no prescription from a doctor or clinical physician was necessary before gaining access to the site. Finally, and potentially the biggest limitation on the importance of this study, is that we were unable to describe how this Internet-based purchasing strategy was used to purchase people with antibiotics in the United States. Clinicians evaluating the patient's use of self-medication when taking a medical history may function as an important opportunity to tell patients about not only antibiotic resistance, but also potential interactions between antibiotics and other prescription drugs. Moreover, pharmaceutical companies may need to monitor who is selling their products and through what mechanisms. Reducing inappropriate use of antibiotics is key to many antibiotic resistance initiatives. If those who are self-medicating are taught that they put their own health at risk, they may be less likely to use these online pharmacies. Although more than half of the identified sites provided online consultation for prescribing, the lack of interaction between the patient and the doctor did not lead to any opportunity for patient education. We classified Web sites of vendors according to several variables.

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