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The frequency of relevant Web sites declined substantially after the first 300. Our purchase arrived from Mexico with no information on instructions for use of the medication. In addition, the available quantities and the interval between prescribing and receiving treatment suggest that these transactions will likely be used by people storing drugs for future self-diagnosis and treatment, or for sale. Although excessive consumption of antibiotics has contributed to the spread of antibiotic resistance, 4-6 most initiatives regarding inappropriate direct human consumption of the antibiotic therapy center are almost exclusively controlled by prescribing by healthcare clinicians. Antibiotics serve a useful therapeutic purpose in treating and controlling the effects of infectious agents. The extent to which antibiotics are available for over-the-counter purchases over the Internet is unknown. Patients are increasingly using the Internet not only to access health information but also to obtain medication. That these companies can be located in countries outside US jurisdictions complicates enforcement of US laws. Fourth, we have limited our count to English language websites. Our study suggests that the opposite might be the case. Fourth, we categorized whether a person could buy antibiotics, especially broad-spectrum antibiotics, in quantities greater than what would be considered adequate 1 course of treatment for acute respiratory tract infection. This practice also occurs in the United States even though the United States regulates the acquisition of antibiotics, which will be limited by prescription only. The findings described in this study suggest that there is a potentially large pool of antibiotics in the United States that is not affected by initiatives to change physician-prescribing practices and may be contributing to antibiotic resistance. Previous research suggests that a patient's past experience of care seeking and treatment use influences future expectations for treatment of respiratory tract infections. In conclusion, antibiotics are freely available for purchase over the Internet without a prescription, and the general structure of transactions encourages self-medication and poor quality care. We therefore wanted to find out if the amount of time between online evaluation and getting treatment was significantly longer.

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