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Thus, as soon as patients receive over-the-counter antibiotics and self-treating self-limiting illnesses with drugs, such as upper-respiratory tract infections without complications, they are likely to suggest that the antibiotic was effective, and self-medicate in the future. For this second group, no prescription from a doctor or clinical physician was necessary before gaining access to the site. As part of this study, we bought over-the-counter antibiotics over the counter. As a result, most community assessments of antibiotic reservoirs are based on assessments by prescribing clinician behavior. The purpose of this study was to examine antibiotics available to patients without a prescription, a phenomenon on the Internet. Our study suggests that the opposite might be the case. The medical community and the public health and regulating agencies, as well as pharmaceutical companies, need to expand efforts to control antibiotic resistance beyond initiatives centered on prescribing behavior to include self-medication and sources of antibiotics obtained without prescription. Fourth, we have limited our count to English language websites. Although excessive consumption of antibiotics has contributed to the spread of antibiotic resistance, 4-6 most initiatives regarding inappropriate direct human consumption of the antibiotic therapy center are almost exclusively controlled by prescribing by healthcare clinicians. The findings described in this study suggest that there is a potentially large pool of antibiotics in the United States that is not affected by initiatives to change physician-prescribing practices and may be contributing to antibiotic resistance. This decrease was interpreted as evidence that the full use of antibiotics was also reduced. Our purchase arrived from Mexico with no information on instructions for use of the medication. All these obstacles cause the illegal acquisition of antibiotics by patients. In our analysis of evidence of the concept of buying 6 tablets of azithromycin, 500 mg each. Previous research suggests that a patient's past experience of care seeking and treatment use influences future expectations for treatment of respiratory tract infections. Even with these strategies, however, it was difficult to know whether one corporation still owns and manages several locations.

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