Buy Amoxicillin in Newcastle, Washington

This practice also occurs in the United States even though the United States regulates the acquisition of antibiotics, which will be limited by prescription only. Fourth, we have limited our count to English language websites. In our analysis of evidence of the concept of buying 6 tablets of azithromycin, 500 mg each. The extent to which antibiotics are available for over-the-counter purchases over the Internet is unknown. Even with these strategies, however, it was difficult to know whether one corporation still owns and manages several locations. The vendors identified in this study do not appear to be fearful of prosecution. Patients are increasingly using the Internet not only to access health information but also to obtain medication. Second, we examined whether the vendor would ship prescription antibiotics to a buyer in the United States, as well as several other countries (Canada, United Kingdom) where antibiotics are available only by prescription. The links to these advertised sites were also investigated. In conclusion, antibiotics are freely available for purchase over the Internet without a prescription, and the general structure of transactions encourages self-medication and poor quality care. Some prescription medication is sold without a valid prescription, which is a violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. We compared identifying telephone numbers, street addresses, and site headers for each site as a way to sort out duplication. Our final list of URLs included 184 links to single vendors of antibiotics. Our study is the first to document this phenomenon, and we describe the mechanism for purchasing antibiotics online; future studies will need to document the scope of antibiotics purchased through this mechanism to better understand its direct implications for antibiotic resistance. For this second group, no prescription from a doctor or clinical physician was necessary before gaining access to the site.

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